About Me

Paltry Sum

Writer, blogger and survivor


Welcome to Paltry’s Laundromat! I intend to see what comes out in the wash, press some fresh ideas and opinions and bubble (or should that be babble!) a little about my day to day life as a survivor of domestic violence and a inhabitant of the great city of San Francisco.

I decided to split this off into my personal blog space, for my more personal daily blogs, thoughts and musings, and keep my other blog for more serious literary pursuits! Thank you for following me over here to all my Paltry Sum friends!

After over 5 years on the road after escaping my violent husband, living in campgrounds and parking lots across the USA, the virus forced me inside. I currently live in a homeless shelter with my son. We are trying to find housing, but it is a long and complicated process.


This is my personal blog, and I am always happy to hear from people!

If you have a project you would like to discuss with me, please contact me over at http://www.thepaltrysum.com