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Busy busy baseball day

I spent the day at baseball. It was lovely as ever, just a new site and new coaches. Things are tough. Im really struggling in the shelter, it is quite scary at times, lots of new people… ..and Im writing – a lot. I must catch up with what everyone has been doing on here! … Continue reading Busy busy baseball day


This is awful. It is reaching heights of stupidity – fireworks in a highly urban area, some people appearing to throw them at each other, bangs so loud it sounds like a warzone. Sirens. At least there are sirens, someone cares somewhere still. This isn’t celebration, this is the fucking purge. I have ptsd, every … Continue reading Warzone

Monster on the Mound

The allegations against Trevor Bauer with regards to the woman that showed up strangled, beaten, bruised, injured and bleeding anally after a so-called ‘requested rough sex’ session with the piece of shit woman-hating, irredeemably uncool, destroyer of his fellow pitcher’s arms due to his whiny bitching over the sticky stuff being used by pitchers, are … Continue reading Monster on the Mound


For the sake of all that is good…I wish Tuesdays could let up a bit. In the end I just grabbed the Boy and went out for a while, got some air, and bought a bag of oranges and a book. At least I pulled out the guitar and played some music for a while. … Continue reading Tuesdays


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